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Ambush - Hannibal Style

A WAB Scenario for the Punic Wars
by Anthony Edwards

Basic gist: The defender gets roughly 50% more points than the attacker. Defender draws up his marching orders - this is the order that his units will traverse down the table.

Draw a road down the center of the table about three inches wide. No terrain may be placed here. Set up most of the terrain in a mutually agreeable manner. The attacker may then place or reposition up to three more pieces of terrain anywhere he desires, as long as they do not cross the road. The defender may then place or reposition a single terrain piece of his choosing.

The defender starts at one table edge on the road and begins to march across. At any time the defender can decide to attack. Once the attack begins the defender's army remains in place while the attacker deploys. The attacker deployment zone is the 12" border around the outer edge of the table. He may also place any number units either in or behind any terrain piece in such a way that it 'used to be' out of LOS of the attacker.

The attacker goes first. If the defender can get more than half of his army into the forward third of the table then he automatically wins, otherwise the winner is determined by victory points.

Lake Trasimene is probably the most famous example.