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The Punic Wars

Material here mostly by me, Anthony Edwards.

I don't know where I have been getting all this inspiration, but lately I've been sucked in completely into the Punic Wars. Quite a jump in gaming style for an old phalanx veteran. But it is an intense period with two major antagonists and a lot of other little side shows as well. Many battles were fought, many more could have been. There is a lot here for an interested wargamer looking for something to play.

Army Lists

Carthage - 1st Punic War
Carthage - 2nd Punic War
Spanish Syracuse Numidia Celts - Gauls and Celtiberians

Note these are still kinda in the draft phase. The Republican list has been rather heavily tested, the Carthaginian one is now receiving its proper level of attention. Carthage in the 1st war is due up next, and I will get drafts of the remainder done relatively soon. My main focus so far has been with the 2nd Punic War, but there are a few places in the two published above where my ideas for the 1st war come oozing in. I might finally decide to seperate these into 1st and 2nd wars, I might now. It depends on how the final product looks.

Special Rules and Playing Conventions

The Battleline
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Historical Refights

Cannae 216 BC

Generic Scenarios

Siege Relief
Running Battle