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Hellenestic House Rule Suggestions

Tips on how to get the most from WAB for Classical Greece and the later Hellenestics.

Me and a few local buds have gamed WAB, specifically with the greek army list, since it the beginning. (Anyone else remember the Greek army list appearing in Wargames Illustrated, long before Armies of Antiquities was released?) Since then we have literally lived every house rule and suggestion with respect to phalanx warfare in WAB. Here are a list of house rules we commonly used to enhance the flavor and period appropriateness of WAB. These all work for us - your mileage may vary.

Musician rolloffs - ignore the rolloff result when a phalanx is involved.

Greek generals may wear any sort of armor they prefer. I'd recommend the same armor type of the unit he accompanies. That or let them wear "light" heavy armor, heavy enough for the protection but light enough they it doesn't unnecessarily slow down the unit he accompanies. For the limited utility you get out of this model (being permenantly stuck in a phalanx) this is far from unbalancing.

Skirmishers require a full base width LOS to see and shoot through each other.

Let panic checks due to fleeing units occur *AFTER* the said unit has had a chance to rally.

Don't forget FBIGO.

People are also quite fond of the elephant/skirmisher rules and skirmisher screens. Go see the "Words of Jervis"for more details.