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Ancient Macedonian Gallery

Title is really a bit of a misnomer, as this actually ranges and covers quite a bit of ground in the wake of Alexander. This is one of my more recent armies so, once I get off my duff and take some current photos, this gallery ought to be one of my better ones.

Pyrrhus, King of Epirus - Pyrrhus was also known as the Eagle King. Model from the Foundry.

Milon - Pyrrhus' right hand man. Note the gold shield design with Pyrrhus' moniker in the middle. What devotion from an underling. Decal courtesy of Dark Age Design. The model is from the Foundry.

The Eagle Standard - my conjectural take on Pyrrhus' army standard. Click the photo if you want to get up an up-close and personal photo. The model is a barely converted model from the Foundry.

Elephant - Pyrrhus is credited being the first to putting a tower atop the beast. The model is from the Foundry's Punic collection.

"Alexandrian" Phalangite - Old Glory